Reliable ways to make money online

Reliable ways to make money online

Making money online is quite easy these days, with the amount of opportunities and innovation that one is able to deploy. While we cannot deny that it is indeed quite easy to find such online gigs, we have to admit that not all of them are genuine. When you don’t do your research properly, there are chances that you may face severe losses by tying up with an unauthorised or illegal client or website. Having said this, it is quite heartening to note that there are many reliable ways to make money online today. It is just about finding the right job that fits your skills and niche. Here is a list of such genuine jobs that you may consider:

Renting your room for the holiday season

Are you living in a home that is too big for you? Do you want to monetise that part of your home which remains idle for most part of the year? You can use the help of sites like Air BnB and rent out a room to see the response that you are generating. Do this during the holiday season and you can earn handsome returns throughout the season. If your home is near famous tourist spots or if your town is a beautiful and ideal holiday destination, you can earn a lot more than you thought from your home. This is one of the best and trusted means of earning online money.

Sell photos

Are you passionate about photography? Do you specialise in any specific genre like wildlife, nature, babies, war, books, food, etc.? If yes, your photos need not adorn only your social media accounts anymore. It is time to move on from the “likes” and “comments”. It is now time to turn them into “money”, which is definitely a more powerful term, isn’t it? There are common sites like Shutterstock that accept photos from enthusiasts and store them in their database. Whenever an end user browses this site to download a photo that you have provided, you get a fixed percentage of rates as decided between you and the site earlier.

Monetise video tutorials

Uploading video tutorials on sites like YouTube and making money from them is one of the real ways to make money online. However, the catch here is that you have to be patient in your approach. Don’t expect your bank account to increase immediately after uploading your tutorials. You need to see how many people view them, how many “like” them, how many “dislike” them and how many “comment” on them. Is your tutorial being shared by users? All these patterns will help you understand how popular or unpopular your tutorial is. When the number of views keeps on increasing, you will be able to earn money from it quite handsomely. Choose a niche that is unique and unlike the rest. For example, there may be many tutorials on recipes. If you want to stand out from the competition, choose a niche like “South Indian recipes with coconut milk”, “Kerala recipes without coconut” etc. so that people see your videos more.