How to Keep Call Center Employees Healthy During Outbreaks

How to Keep Call Center Employees Healthy During Outbreaks

In high volume call centers with dozens of employees, a disease outbreak can spell disaster. When infections like the cold, the flu, and various stomach bugs make their rounds, a large percentage of the work force may not show up for work. For those who show up sick, they may not perform satisfactorily while infecting healthy employees. There are many ways that an employer can fight off an outbreak while protecting its employees.

Offering Generous Sick Days

Many companies offer a limited amount of sick days. For people with the flu, it can take over a week to begin to feel improvements. Two or three days is not enough time to recover. Therefore, sick employees show up to work and make other employees sick. By offering generous sick days and requiring that sick employees stay home, the number of contagious employees in the workplace is greatly reduced, lowering infection rates.

Hiring a Deep Cleaning Crew

Cleaning is one of the best ways to combat serious illness. Nighttime Minneapolis cleaning services can deep clean cubicles and offices while the building is empty, removing all dust, trash, and debris that may harbor viruses and germs. They can also use maximum strength cleaners, such as bleach, to disinfect everything.

Disinfecting Between Shifts

Employees should have access to disinfectant products when arriving and leaving for the day. All employees could disinfect their work areas when they come in for their shift. For those who are sick or think they might be sick, they can generously spray their work areas and allow it to disinfect before the next employee is clocked in. Ensure that all work stations are well stocked with disinfectants, with lots of replacement cans stored nearby.

Supplying Sanitary Products

Common sanitary products, such as tissue and hand sanitizer, should be available at all times as well. Coughing or sneezing employees can reduce the amount of germs that they release into the air by using tissues. Hand sanitizer can be used during meetings, before eating, and after sharing office tools or devices. It can keep employees infection free, but it requires diligent use.

As sickness outbreaks are controlled, employee satisfaction, performance, and production will all vastly improve. Employees do not enjoy being sick and receiving low paychecks; therefore, employees are greatly appreciative of an employer who promotes a healthy workplace in order to reduce their risk of infection.