January 2018

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There’s almost nothing as challenging as running a small business. Keeping a small, owner-run business running successfully entails keeping track of multiple details, ranging from overseeing the accounting books, taking care of legal and business documents (which may require the services of a notary public or an apostille nyc), keeping up with payroll, and handling the shipping out of all products the company creates for sale. All of that is just for starters! That’s why successful small businesses are, without a doubt, run by people who are unsung heroes in a multitude of ways. Using Outside Resources All the challenges that go into running aRead More →

If you are looking for a fast path to a new line of work that can be either a full or part-time job, you need to consider becoming a notary public. Although the requirements vary according to the state that you reside in, they differ only slightly. It will only take a few weeks to complete any necessary training, and then you submit your application. Once approved, you will begin your new career. What is a notary public? On the most fundamental level, a notary serves as an official witness to the signing of important documents. Along with being a witness to the signing, theRead More →